Saturday, April 12, 2014

Overwhelmed with Gratitude!

Our family motto has been "Allow yourself to be overwhelmed with gratitude." I came up with it about a year ago because I would often get frustrated when people were jealous of what other people had or not happy with what they had. I really thought about it and realized we need to be grateful for everyone's blessings and especially for the blessings we have. When someone else receives a blessing from our Father in Heaven we are given an opportunity to see the hand of God. Even if its not in our own lives- its a miracle- an opportunity for our Faith to grow and our gratitude to be heard and spoken. We all need to spend less time being bitter and more time being grateful. When someone else is blessed it in no way diminishes our blessings- it only increases them and our understanding of who our Father is. I am so blessed in so countless ways. God is truly generous and loving. I hope you can all enjoy this free printable I created. Put it in your home, Share it, and tell others how much you are grateful for them. We are truly so so blessed!

To save this file to your computer right click and choose save file as.  Then its all yours.

Usage- This file is not to be sold
Give credit where credit is due
I would love to see a picture of it up in your home!!

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