Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Hall at Patriots Place

When deciding where to go for my husbands birthday the two places that popped into my Mind were 5 wits and the Patriots Stadium.  After figuring out that 5 wits was located at Patriots place I knew it was meant to be.  (See 5 wits review here.)  After doing a little more research I found out that there is a Hall of Fame at Patriots place!  I was so excited.  The guy loves football and what better than to invest him a little bit in The New England Patriots (he is from California so he needs some convincing-although in the last few years he has started to follow him.

We worked with Cindy at the Hall of Fame.  She was an amazing host.  She showed us around a bit and told us about the different opportunities the Hall at Patriots Place has to offer.  They have this really neat science, engineering technology and math program for students grades 3-12.  Its pretty neat.  You can read more about it here.  While we were there lots of students were bustling around applying some of their concepts to football.  It seems like a wonderful, unique and very motivating program.

We had a blast.  My little guy and my big guy both love football!  There was so much to do at the Hall. Everything was so hands on and so much fun!  We started off looking at some of the kiosks.  They had so many fun things to select and participate in.  There were little virtual football games to try and complete a pass or a field goal using angles and speed (very educational).  They had the history of the patriots- from pictures of famous players when they were young to jerseys and trophies.  We enjoyed seeing all of the covers of sports illustrated that the patriots starred on and reading famous quotes and memories of the team.  We watched a great video about New England and the wonderful and dedicated patriots fans who stuck with them through years of disappointment- through Superbowl Victories.  It was fabulous!  Some of our exhibit highlights were:
Seeing how your weight compares to football players.  My little girl weighed as much as a few pigskins haha it was cute!  
I enjoyed seeing my husband on the bench with some of the big guys.  There were helmets, pants and jerseys with pads to try on.  That was probably where we spent the most time!

I had to document the Boston Strong Jersey.  It was fun to see it on display.

Again- the suiting up exhibit.  My little guy looks so tiny in this huge helmet and jersey.  He loves dressing up so he was in his element here!

My husband enjoyed huddling up with the boys.  He fits in pretty well.  He is 6 ft and you can tell that these boys are tall!

You could even kick a field goal with this virtual game.  It was fun.  My husband of course nailed it on the first shot.  The rest of us- not so much- although we gave it a few solid tries!  
A few more things we enjoyed:
Climbing on a Duck Boat
Playing in Victory Confetti
Testing our reaction times
Seeing how high we can jump and comparing it to some of the players
Checking out all the Patriot Gear at the Gift Shop! 
Sneaking a Peek at Gillette Stadium

It was such a fun trip.  I would highly recommend making a visit to The Hall at Patriots Place.  It was fun for the whole family.  I am sure we will be back in the near future!  What a fun place to be.

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