Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 reasons you don't wanna miss 5 wits Foxboro, MA- Oh and a giveaway!

1. It will allow you to do something different!  I always feel like when my husband and I go out we do the same old things.  I loved that 5 wits brought something totally new and fun!  It was like playing a board game but we were in it!  It was a blast!
2. You'll get the chance to live an adventure.  Lets be honest we've all pretended like we were in our favorite adventure movie.  Why not live one.  At 5 wits you feel like you are in the middle of an adventure in a race against time.
3. Its a chance to unhook your teen from technology.  Maybe your teen has been spending too much time texting or on the computer.  Take the opportunity to spend some quality time with them.  They might pretend they are too cool for a minute but once they figure out that everyone is having a blast they will join in the fun.
4. Give your kid a one of a kind experience.  5 wits suggests their adventures for ages 7 and up- so weather it be a night out or celebrating a birthday- make it a family event.  They will remember it forever and always think of you as the most fun parents EVER!
5. Do your own stunts!  During a 5 wits adventure you have opportunities to show off your moves- weather it be avoiding lasers or sneaking through vents you can be your own stunt man- or woman!  Its seriously so much fun.
6. You'll wish you had taken Goonies seriously.  Ok lets be honest- I guess this will date me but I don't care.  We have all seen Goonies.  Well there is a moment in 5 wits just like the moment in Goonies where the girl has to play the skull piano in order to open up the door.  She says she wishes she had paid more attention to her piano teacher.  My husband put his music reading skills to the test and got us out of a jam.
7. You'll feel important! Not only will you feel important as you become an intricate piece in solving a mystery and completing a challenge but you will be treated amazing too!  You will make new friends and have a personal tour guide who will treat everyone in your party like they are valued.  5 wits has really picked their employees well.  They are fun, clever and not afraid to be who they are. Weather you are an 8 year old boy or a 90 year old great grandma you will have fun and be able to help in every single challenge.  I don't know how they do it but 5 wits really finds ways of making challenges simple enough for an 8 year old to help with yet complex enough that a 35 year old feels challenged and maybe even a bit confused.  Its amazing.
8.  You can take pride in your accomplishments.  Well I did!  I was able to figure out the correct code for the entry pad of a door.  If I hadn't we would all still be in there!  Just think of the possibilities- maybe you want to impress a certain someone or show your friends/spouse you've still got it.  Whatever it is you won't be disappointed!

9.  Lets be honest- its a once in a lifetime opportunity to dodge lasers and climb aboard a Nautilus.   There are so many fun things that await you at 5 wits.  Bring some friends- I promise you will be thanked again and again for doing so.  Its fun, unique, exciting and challenging!  We loved it!  
10.  5 wits Foxboro is located at Patriot Place.  Honestly- 5 wits alone is reason enough to head on over but there are so many additional options over there.  There is excellent dining and entertainment, Bass Pro Shops, Christmas Tree Shop (LOVE IT!)  Plus who doesn't want to take a little peek into the stadium of the Superbowl winning patriots!  Come On!

Ok now that I've made you want to up and go today Its only fair to give away some tickets.  Enter for a chance to win one set of two tickets- There will be two lucky winner since we are give out TWO SETS!  Hurry up!!  I know you're gonna go anyway so you might as well just see if you can go for free or bring a few friends right?

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