Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Learning to write your name!

When I was studying during my undergrad, I had an AMAZING professor. Katie had taught special education and knew the ins and outs of the profession.  But more than that, she was creative and really individualized everything she would do for her students.  She taught us this one neat trick that I used with a lot of my students who had low fine motor skills.  I have also used it with my own children.  Its a fun and adaptive way to teach writing.  I told my aunt about it recently and she asked if I would make some for her preschool students who have Autism.  So I thought I would share it with you.  Weather you are a teacher, a mom with small children or someone homeschooling their children this is an easy and reusable way to work on writing!

First I grabbed some cardstock and wrote the students name with a thick marker.  Then I laminated the paper.  After I cut the size I wanted I was ready to go.
I grabbed my hot glue gun and traced around the edges of the name. (When you are doing this keep in mind that you will be leaving enough room for a dry erase marker to trace right where your letters are.  You are creating a thick barrier so the marker is easily and correctly guided.

Once you are done you let it dry.  Put added glue on if needed.  Now I know this is not the most atractive looking diy you have ever seen but it really works.  I would use this in my classroom and have the students practice their names while they were waiting for the other students to arrive.  When they were done you could easily erase the name and use it over and over again.  In addition as the student gets more proficient you can peel and reglue with a thinner line.  Also you could slowly remove one letter at a time as they got more independent with it, thus preparing them for complete independence.  I love this creation so therefore I think EVERYONE should know about it.  Enjoy!!

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