Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring with Kids!

So as spring creeps up I notice that winter only delayed my dilemma which was choosing plants for our front and back yards.  I went to the local garden centers dozens of times.  Often even bringing things home only to do more research and find out the plant I brought home is extremely toxic to children.  I kept finding different information which went back and forth.  The entire spring/summer all I bought and felt comfortable buying were roses.  Which was fine with me because they are gorgeous and very very non toxic.  Well as I felt spring creeping on I decided I needed to find a nice long list of plants and how safe they were- well I found it an I'm going to share it with you so that you don't have the same headache I had over deciding what plants to put in my yard.  Lets be honest, you want to let your kids roam free and not have one more thing to worry about.  PEACE OF MIND is the answer folks.  PEACE OF MIND.  So here is the list I found.  Oh and by the way it was really nice of our builders to plant Rhododendron and Boxwoods in our yard.  Both somewhat toxic plants...oh brother!!  Don't worry, as I make my selections I'll be sure to share.  

Illinois Poison Center did a good job, plus I would say they are a pretty good resource.

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