Thursday, October 13, 2011

Healthy Snack

So Wednesday I had to make the healthy snack for my daughter's Kindergarten class. I wanted to be tricky and bring something cute, not just a pack of string cheese (I did that last time anyway!) So I search the internet and pinterest (you'll be hearing a lot about pinterest from me, it is my second love next to my husband!!) From that searching I came up with these apple/marshmallow smiles! There are several different versions on the internet, but this seemed the cutest and most manageable for me. This is pretty self explanitory, cut apple slices, spread a thin layer of peanut butter on one side of all the slices and press the marshmallows into it, to with a second apple slice.  The problems I encountered were that the apples I used (honey crisp) were too big for my apple slicer. I was trying to go fast because I needed to make 20 of these smiles in 20 minutes.  I got slowed down having to cut some of the apples the old fashioned way. :)  Also, once they were assembled, I was placing them in a foil pan with high sides. I needed to prop them up against each other because they were falling apart very easy. Then when the snack was delivered the teacher wasn't around for me to explain what I had done, so the snack got passed out wrong. My daughter came home with half of the pan full of these things. I like to do things the cute way, but I think from now on for healthy snack day I'll stick to packaged string cheese, or regular muffins!

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