Friday, October 14, 2011

Simple Halloween Craft

A friend of mine called me up the other day and asked if I would be interested in doing an easy Halloween craft with my kids, because she had some extra supplies from doing it with her granddaughter. I said sure and off I went to pick up the supplies. What was the craft you ask? Pumpkin jars! (My kids are having so much fun painting!!)

Here are the supplies you need: jars of different sizes and shapes (preferably without labels), orange acrylic paint, black acrylic paint and spray mod podge.

First you paint the jars orange, you can use a brush or your fingers! :)

Then you paint the tops of the jars black. 

Once the orange paint dries you then paint your faces on the "pumpkin" (We practiced different faces on paper before actually painting them. I also laid the jars down next to the paper so my daughter could see about the size she had to work with.)

After the face dries then spray the "pumpkin" with the mod podge. This will help the paint not to chip and give it a nice sheen since the acrylic paint is flat.

Now we made a mistake while doing ours. I had the jars upside down as we painted the orange on them so that we could paint the bottom of the jar, but when it came time to paint the faces, I forgot to turn them right side up. So when you make yours, just remember the lid should be on the top of the pumpkin to act as it's stem. I think even though they are upside down they are still pretty cute on my porch! And it is always fun to do an activity with your kids, especially when it is a manageable activity with only 4 steps and no sharp knives!!

I went to Walmart and bought some battery operated tea lights in the Christmas section. I will put  one tea light in the small jars and two in the big jars. You'll have to forgive our camera, it isn't fantastic, but you get the idea about them glowing. 

Another great thing about these pumpkins is that they won't spoil and start to rot in a few weeks, you can keep them for year after year!! 

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