Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review!

Goodnight Gorilla

(Photo Courtesy of Sun Prairie Public Library)

Ok so I had never even seen this book until my Mom threw me a surprise baby shower and my sister in laws sister got me the huge board book version.  It is incredible.  What an oversight as a teacher for 7 years....I can't believe I just completely missed this book.  It would have been perfect for so many of my students for so many reasons!!  So I don't want to give away all the incredible things in this book as I think you should find them out for yourself with your own students or little ones but its just incredible.  I will just narrow it down to three reasons.
1. There are so many familiar objects that children can easily name and are some of kids first words. (For example ball, there is a ball on one page and my little guy has been saying this one for a few months now, so its fun for him to recognize it in non 3D form! Not to mention all the animals.)

2. The Art is absolutely incredible.  There are so many hidden details that you don't catch until you have read it 20-30 times (which we have- it is THE FAVORITE in our house and it is read every single night before bed and a few more times throughout the day) Ok I will just mention here- one of my favorites is in one of the windows in one of the houses...thats all I will say as to not spoil it....Ok one more, my husband noticed something cool with the balloon. Ok thats enough....Oh I love this book.
3. There are only a select few printed words and they are very easy to learn after a while and remember using context clues, so even the lowest level readers can quickly memorize/pick up on this book and gain a greater love and confidence in reading that they might not already have.

Seriously, if you don't own should.
If you haven't read have to.
If you don't want're crazy!!

We feel like every night as we add our own spin on whats going on its like reading a new story...Isn't that what reading is all about?

We Love it!
Go get it this weekend..we will be reading least 2x....DAILY!

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