Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun Preschool Ideas on a Theme

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As I told you before I work with some amazing teachers. Seriously. They are amazing on so many levels, of course most of the things I do with them revolve around behavior and they are so good about following through on my recommendations and coming up with their own things as well. They are just the best. Well every once in a while I bring my camera to school and snap some shots of the things they have set up. This particular series of pictures is from one of the preschool classrooms. They find and create such cute things to revolve aroudn their themes for the week. Its so fun to see. I thought I would share these ones with you. Thanks Wendy and her amazing staff. You guys are the best!

They turned the sensory table into a sheep shearing center.  It was adorable.  The week before they had made it into a cow and had working udders underneath...So creative!

They made a tractor out of a huge cardboard box and had hats for the kids to wear at the dramatic play center.
A really cute egg counting game.  They really put so much effort in, I love it!
And a cute little farm area for them to build and play with on their own.  I love it!

Go do your own farm theme...What more could you add?

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