Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Utility Apron- So NEAT!

Ok so another mention of the amazing people that I work with: So I was consulting on a student who was having some difficult behaviors, after observing and doing all the analyzing I do I made some recommendations.  The recommendations involved a bunch of pieces but they needed to be done.  Well as always one of the amazing teachers and her staff decided to come up with a creative way to have all the items they needed readily available yet still allowing both hands to be free to escort the student from place to place.  I LOVE IT!

This apron holds all the velcro charts and items that we have.  In the upper left you can see the "motivaider" its a timer that vibrates on an interval schedule (part of my recommendation for the token board at the bottom of the apron).  You can also see the students schedule, an "I am working for..." strip and the extra tokens.  Whoa baby, all on one piece of material!
Plus look at these pockets at the bottom- perfect for holding all those extra icons and any other items you might need at any given moment...including the edible reinforcers the student is working for!

Way to go team... I love it! I call this serious dedication to the students these ladies work with.  Putting the little ones first as always!!!

This seems like a very simple thing to create for your classroom right?
Get on it!

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