Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Hero- My Mom!

This is my Mom with my precious little guy on his blessing day.
My Mom is amazing!
There are so many things I could say about her.  Since I have tried to gear this blog towards helping others specifically those with disabilities I will tell you how she has done so...because if I was to go into detail about every little thing that makes her amazing....you would never see another thing on this blog.  SHE DOES IT ALL!
She has 26 siblings.
9 of whom have pretty severe disabilities.
Over the years she has attended
Every single Doctors appointment- at least 3 a week and
Every single IEP meeting.
She has planned and prepared their meals
She has organized respite and home care schedules
She has organized pill boxes,
given shots- been the in house nurse
She has shown up when someone couldn't be there to help with home care (millions of times)
She is on call 24-7
She has picked out their clothes,
wrapped their Christmas gifts
driven them to school, activities, etc.
planned and cooked for every holiday
packed for and brought them on vacations
Stayed with them night after night in the hospital
Spent every single day at their home planning the little details that go into their days.
The list goes on and on
She seriously does it all.
And without a complaint.

These things don't even include all the millions more things she does that I haven't written or don't even know.  In addition to all the things she does for myself and my siblings, our children and spouses and her other siblings that are no longer living at home, those in her church, those in the community, the number of  people she helps is endless.  She doesn't know how to say No but just doesn't want to.  I always tell my parents how busy they are (As if they didn't know) and they just tell me, thats what life is all about.  They are both so unselfish! Its amazing.  I feel so blessed to ahve been able to spend Mother's Day with her yesterday and to have spent these almost 28 years with her as my Mother, watching learning and hopefully becoming a little of the woman that she is. 
I love you Mom!
Thanks for being an advocate, an example and a hero to so many!
You are the greatest!

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