Thursday, April 28, 2011

Navigating Centers

Over the years I did a few things to help create some independence in my students and prepare them for a general education classroom setting.  One of those things was navigating centers.  I had lots of different things I used depending on the abilities in my classroom.  One year I found that the students were ready to learn to follow a simple schedule to bring them from one center to the next.  This particular year I decided to use pictures of animals to represent all the centers.  Each animal was a different activity.  One was starfall on the computer, one was listening center, one was book center, 3 of them were 1:1 with the teacher etc.  It was a nice way to see each of my students independently but also allow them some independence and responsibility when they were on their own.  It was very easy to read and follow and just plain cute.  We all really enjoyed it and it worked well for that batch of students.  Maybe it will work for yours!

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