Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tis The Season....Woop Woop!

Yeah so this is definitely a "Somewhat Random Saturday" but
I just love a good Yard Sale and yes Tis the season.  I am very excited. 
Wheather I buy something or not I just love looking for a diamond in the rough. 
Now don't take offense to the picture...I am an animal lover just like the next little lady but I saw this little scene coming home from work one day and I just had to get a picture.  Poor little guy...he must have done something real bad.  Maybe I should reference the owner to one of my many Behavior Plans on this blog.
Anyway whatever you see sitting on a front lawn these days, just enjoy the fact that its warm enough for a dang good YARD SALE!
( And yes I will be labeling this under "Free Stuff" )

P.S. Thanks and Welcome to all my new fans on facebook and followers!  Thanks for helping me share the love!

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