Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Series!!! Fine Motor Pages 1

Make Your Own Fine Motor Sheets Series!

So when I was teaching I wanted to have an independent writing center for my students-it was more of a fine motor center because they were unable to do your typical creative writing activities but had lots of fine motor skills they could work on.  Along with different fine motor tangible activities I created a series of dry erase sheets of differing levels that I put in a basket which my students could thumb through and choose from.  I thought I would sahre a few of those easy to create on your own sheets that you could make for your own classroom or child!  So heres to day 1.

So here is one of my pages.  Obviously its very simple - straight dotted lines- but as you can see I haven't had the heart to erase it since its last use.  It was still something we were working on.  I love those little marks.  You could create verticle, horizonal or diagonal lines for your child to trace.  I just laminated it and wa la.  There you go!

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