Thursday, March 24, 2011

Amazing Videos

So there is nothing quite like a video that encompasses two of my greatest passions, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and individuals rising above their challenges or disabilities.  Even greater when there is more than one.  Head over to this site under professional videos (I haven't had the chance to vote on any of the other categories yet!) and watch all ten.  They are all very inspiring and uplifting and so worth your time.  Better yet watch them with your family.  They all have excellent and uplifting messages.  Then vote for your three favorites.  My three favorites are probably obvious but hey what can I say.  Just a little shout out- The one titled The Trial of Adversity was created by a friend of mine whom I grew up with.  Its one of my favorites!  There I said it.  Great Video and Subject Jason.  So head over its incredible!!

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