Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wall Work Series 3

 Another part of my wall work collection is this Alphabet Generalization Poster. No I didn't tell my students thats what it was called but thats exactly what it is.
 By the time I implemented these posters my students knew and could recognize the letters of the alphabet but some seemed to have trouble generalizing their knowledge to other fonts and sizes.  I created this poster to help them with this skill.  They enjoyed sorting through all the letters and finding the ones that matched even though they looked a little different.

It has a lot of pieces but it proved very helpful when it came to the difficulties they could face when reading different books or having to identify the letters of the alphabet on different puzzles, toys, posters etc. 

For Moms and Teachers:  Sometimes when we teach our children something we forget that there is more to just being able to do it with Mom or Dad and more to it than just being able to do something with one medium.  Just like we all want our kids to be well rounded, it kindof correlates to the things we teach as well.  Its  is important to look at the whole picture.  So when teaching your children something make sure to throw in a bunch of different places where they are required to show those skills.  This poster was also a fun game for a student and I to play together, since there were so many peices we had plenty of turns for each of us!  In fact sometimes it was a 2 or 3 day project, they enjoyed carrying it over to other days and were very proud with their finished product.

This poster could be created with numbers, upper and lowercase letters, shapes, words, pictures of the same item but in different colors or animated vs photo.  It could be used to generalize anything.  As a teacher, especially a special education teacher who encounters a lot of students with difficulty generalizing I have come to realize and appreciate the importance of this step.

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  1. Yay!! I am sooo excited for your blog!! I'll be checking back often!! I love all your stuff so far!!



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