Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I can be creative...at times.  Most of my creativity is best developed through the use of computers- graphic design, photography etc.  Some of my friends on the other hand are just plain crafty. 

I came across this gem that my friend Meredith made with her little girl (check out her blog for other cute crafts she has done-baby decor, reupholstered chairs etc.)  I love it! This is the perfect February decoration.  I just love how its just a random mix of reds and pinks and hearts and tags.  If I still taught in a classroom or my little guy was big enough to cut I would have my students make this with me (you can bet we will be making one in the near future!).  Its excellent for fine motor development, just trace some hearts hand them the paper and let them go to town. Then you can get your creative juices flowing and fill in the gaps.  Go ahead Moms, especially if you are living in the east and anticipating some more snow- what a perfect inside activity.

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