Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Simple Behavior Charts

Here are a few more charts made from different items or with different focuses. I did not personally create any of these particular charts but I did make some of them as recommendations and like I mentioned before I work with the most on the ball and creative teachers. Boy does that make my job easier!
This gem was created using milk carton caps!  Perfect huh?  Great thinking Kimber! A great way to reuse something you have plenty of.
You may notice the reward is not posted either in written or picture format, this is because this particular chart is paired with the reinforcer box see in this post

As you can easily tell from this chart it is similar to some I created and used while teaching-which you can see here or here.  But you might notice that the child this was created for has a little trouble listening and needs extra reinforcement and reminders when she does.  Its a nice specific chart. You may also notice she is working to be the teachers helper!  Nice!  No I don't recommend making one of these for your husband....I know some of you were thinking that.  Nice Work Kimber!
On the back there are a few other options for reinforcement.  Its all packaged together for easy use!
Chart By Wendy! This chart is made using little colored plastic ships and a piece of cardboard-it could also be done with a binder or other item.  The reinforcer icon is nicely placed on the board.  This student had 3 chips to earn before receiving the reinforcer.  He has since moved up to 5.  Woo Woo! 
More Behavior Charts in the future!  Share Your if you'd like!

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