Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More simple behavior charts!

As promised here are a few of my other simple behavior charts.  I love these ones.  They are great for the purse!  All you need is the chart and a dry erase marker and you are good to go!
 This was a very simple chart I had lying around and would use if I found a student becoming restless during work time.  They were very motivated to work when there was a reminder of what they were working for. 5 stars or smileys or sometimes crazy faces (whatever they wanted)= a short play break. It worked for me and it worked for them!
 Occasionally when I was feeling like a really nice teacher I would surprise my students by handing them one of these computer points cards.  Everyone got one and when they were working hard or did something nice throughout the day they would get a star.  As soon as their card was filled they could head over to the computer to play an educational game.  It was very effective.  They all loved the computer and it was a nice way to reward them for the simple things. 
 There are a few things that I love about this chart.  First its simple, just the dry erase marker and the chart (like the others), second there are reinforcer choices at the top so the child could choose something different every time, next there is a visual reminder of the expected behavior (in this case keeping your hands to yourself).  Clearly this was used with a student who needed a little extra reminder and motivation to keep their hands to themselves.  The best bonus about this chart was it kept those little hands busy, as the student would carry it around with them, thus making it a little more difficult to give someone a little push or poke.
This chart is a simpler version of the one above.  It still contains the reminder of the expected behavior but in this case has one choice of what the student is working hard for.  The other choices weren't really needed for this student as he/she would do anything to have a "teacher job" ie. passing out papers, stacking chairs, erasing the board, etc. 

These charts help you avoid having all of the individual icons lying around or in your pocket.....or worse no where to be found. 

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