Friday, January 28, 2011

Reinforcer Reminder

Recently while consulting on students and their behavior programs I recommended that the teachers create this box.  It works really well if the student doesn't yet understand that an object can be represented by a picture.  It also works well if you don't have a picture of the item that the child wants to work for.  Its great for a classroom because you can't always just whip up a picture on the spot but in this case you don't have to.  We use these mostly during the students 1:1 work time or Discrete Trial Intervention Sessions.

I like this because the box is clear so the student or child can see what they are working for and in case they are distracted or not working like they should be you can carefully remind them what they are working for by pointing to the box.

For Moms:  It would work well to create a ziplock bag with the words I am working for on it and put whatever object your child is going to earn inside.  Since as Moms we can't possibly have pictures of every single object that our child might want and some children don't need to communicate with pictures but they can use their words. 

*Thanks Kimber for letting me take a picture of yours and for always being so on the ball with my recommendations.  I work with the best teachers!!!

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