Monday, January 24, 2011

Wall Work Series 2

This is one of my favorite wall work posters I had so much fun making it and my students (and staff) had so much fun using it.  I love all the different shaped people and animals.

My husband always teases me about having a picture of a robber under people.  I always tell him, "Hey thieves are people to ya know!"

This is a hard concept for some students to grasp.  Generalizing is very difficult for individuals with Autism especially.  Sometimes they don't see how a giraffe and a caterpillar could ever be in the same category.  Sorting and Categorizing are great skills for any individual to master.
What does your child or student need help categorizing?
Just seeing this again makes me think I might want to create one for myself called Healthy and Un-healthy foods...maybe I'm not the only one? 

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't want a healthy and unhealthy food chart because then I'd have to accountable for all the chocolate I eat! :)



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