Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome to Somewhat Random Saturdays

So I have decided-this being the first Saturday of this blog-I would institute somewhat random saturdays.  Because lets be honest, on Saturdays I do somwhat random things.  I don't work.  I play with my little boy and sweet husband (well I do that all the time), I shop, I read, I clean etc. A variety..ya know
I am just your regular Wife and Mom and I LOVE IT!  
So why not share tips and tidbits from the best part of my life!!

So my random thought or in this case tip for today is head on over Here.Here-to the Kohls website and get yourself a $5 coupon.  $5 for Free!
Heres what I got off the clearance rack!
Thats right, my little guy got 4 new pairs of shorty mic short shorts for this summer-all for free!
Woo hoo!
Go snag your own!

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