Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have a listen!

So I am going to brag here for a moment.  I attended Brigham Young University for my undergraduate work in special education.  It was terrific.  An amazing amazing program with incredible professors.  Well one of my professors (my favorite) sorry its true, I think the rest of the faculty would understand- is one of the guests on this little audio clip. Katy Steed- is amazing.  I learned so much from her. (And you will too as you listen to this clip.) As I have taught and consulted I have used so many of the things I learned from her.  Over the years I have come to understand that some teachers just "have it"-Katy clearly "has it".  Having it is all the difference between an amazing special educator and just a teacher.  Its hard to describe what "having it" means, I like to think I "have it".  Some of the words that come to mind are- intuition, dedication, desire, consistency, drive, creativity, understanding, connection, motivation, love, joy (pure joy), and something that I hope to someday put my finger on but I guess I could describe it as anytime you see, hear, read about, teach or interact with one of these special individuals with disabilities you just beam, you get the chills and the excitement of a little child all at the same time, you want to hug them and learn everything you can about them and do anything and everything to help them.  It just so hard to describe but thats just what I mean about "having it."  Maybe its like catching the bug....and I've caught it-bad!!!!  Thanks for being such a great teacher Katy and thanks for this amazing clip. 

I think anyone who hears this will find something helpful.  Although the winter holidays have passed I think this can give parents, educators, friends etc a glimpse into how to make any type of schedule change or holiday a little more smooth for those around us.  Particularly those with Autism.


  1. Wow! Well that pretty much made my day! The field of Special Education is a field that once embraced, you can never let go. I was just thinking how much I LOVE what I do. I would never place it above motherhood, but what a blessing it has been to be a part of both worlds. It is because of students like you, Marybeth, that have a desire to embrace what it really means to LEARN that I can do what I do.

  2. That's right. She is amazing. And she has 3 kids. Crazy.



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