Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hat and Mitten Match

So while I was teaching I made this fun hat/mitten match game.(I thought it would be appropriate considering the weather most of us are experiencing at this time!)
 Its just like memory only a little bit more modified.  
I went to a teaching store and grabbed a package of these little hats and mittens.  
Then I got two copies of some cute winter stickers.  I put one sticker on a hat and its match on a mitten.  This made for a very fun winter center in my classroom. Each one had velcro on the back and stuck to one of my center dividers.  This was very convenient.

It was easier than your typical memory game because instead of having all the pictures to choose from they knew that a match consisted of 1 hat and 1 mitten.  I usually lined them up with all the mittens together and all the hats together to help the students remember where everything was. 
It was a hit.
Other Benefits and Uses: This did a lot for my students vocabulary. We would ask them to tell us about the picture and verbalize what they saw. For some students, depending on their abilities we would expect a one word description while we would have others create a sentence. It was also a great game to learn the social skill of taking turns.
Make Your Own: Weather you are a teacher, Mom, Grandma, Babysitter or Friend. This can be very simple to make. I was just looking through my scrapbook stuff and found lots of things I could put to use for future memory games.Go look through your own stash.  You could probably whip one up right now for yourself or as a gift. I also thought about matching games I could make for my sunday school class..hmm!!

*In fact since I had them all laying out on the table, my husband and I took it upon ourselves to give it a little try.  He and our little guy beat me bad but it was very fun!!  Enjoy!

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