Thursday, April 7, 2016

5 Things to pass the time while you are trying to conceive

Time passes like a snail stuck in peanut butter when you are trying to conceive.  If only it was just slow- but its also crazy, painful, emotional, and hormonal.  So what are some things you can do to pass the time or enjoy a moment or two here and there?

1. Go on a trip- maybe the two of you haven't got away since your honeymoon- NOW is the perfect time!!  Go do something you've always wanted to do.  Splurge a little- or A LOT! My husband and I drove to southern California and enjoyed the beach and disneyland and just being together!  It is still one of my fondest memories because it was so off the cuff and randomly wonderful- plus we had a really special moment there which I will write about later!!
2. Go on tons of dates- long, late, crazy dates! Its hard to keep the love alive when the most romantic thing you do together-seems so scheduled and forced- go on a date and rekindle those emotions that brought you together in the first place.  Not many things are better on a marriage than dating!
3. Help someone else- weather you've opened up about infertility to someone or not finding someone to help can get your mind off of things for a moment.  Maybe someone else is struggling and you can help bear their burden weather it be a friend with a disability or someone who lost a loved one taking your mind off yourself and putting it on someone else can be a calming experience.
4. Ask a friend with children what is hard for them to do with kids and DO IT! Those friends can really add some perspective.  Make sure its a good friend-not a friend who likes to tell you what to do or to appreciate what you have- just a good, honest, helpful friend.
5.  Spoil Yourself-Plan activities or rewards for each day of the month or each week- as they slowly pass.  ie. Day 1 rent a movie, Day 2 go on a hike, Day 3 get ice cream, Day 4 go out to eat.  Reward yourself for your hard work and patience.

What has helped you pass the time while you are trying to conceive?  How have you rewarded yourself?

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