Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ten Reasons to Visit the Museum of Science Boston

*I received complimentary tickets to the museum of science.  All opinions my own.

1.  Despite what you might think the Museum of Science Boston is truly for ALL AGES!  There is so much to see do, touch, play with and learn.  For example my 3 year old was able to race light and create a graph by jumping at the Science at the park exhibit.  And can you think of anything more fun than opening an closing drawers filled with shells and coral?

 2.  The Butterfly Garden is incredible.  Not only do you enjoy the beauty of dozens of butterflies flying around you and possibly landing on your shoulder but you are able to enjoy one of Bostons most incredible views.  The skyline is gorgeous and the setting is absolutely magical!

3.  The Discovery Center is an imaginative area just for kids. There are dramatic play areas where your child can dress up like a bee, beekeeper or even a squirrel.  They have a tree with acorns and nuts and honeycomb big enough to hide in.  They have discovery boxes on dozens of different subjects filled with anything you ever wanted to know about dinosaurs, fish, light etc.  They only allow a certain number of visitors at a time which really allows for the ideal learning location. Are we not the cutest bee keeping family?

4.  The Prehistoric Dinosaur Exhibit.  These huge replicas really bring to life some of childrens most loved creatures.  There is so much to see and learn.  There are activities where you can measure dinosaurs and matching games to figure out what they eat and how they lived.  It was a blast!
 5. The pixar exhibit lab.  This exhibit shows the magic behind creating these movie masterpieces.  You can create a mutant toy, make face avars on a computer, change the lighting in some of your favorite scenes and much more.  Of course the characters make it so much more meaningful to the little ones.

6.  The live animal presentations are amazing.  You can learn all their is to know about a specific animal three times a day.  Each time they focus on a different creature.  You can ask questions and view the animals up close.
7.  The science in the park exhibit really brings daily science to life.  One can learn about the science behind swings and seesaws as well as race against the speed of life on a racetrack.  Children will realize that science truly is everywhere and that their is learning to do wherever they go.
8. The staff is incredible.  There is always someone there to answer questions or make children think.  They are often giving mini presentations and bringing out special exhibits to add to what is already their.  The museum really trains their staff to know everything they can about the museum and the science behind it.

9.  The museum is so spread out and organized.  It is not stuffy or cluttered.  It brings science into everything.  Even the bathrooms had signs discussing everything from germs to going green.  They take advantage of every learning opportunity and can really help you re-evaluate the way you teach and take advantage of learning opportunities with you own children.
10.  The museum is so accessible to driving into the city or taking public transportation.  it is located on the famous and absolutely stunning Charles River.  When you step outside their is more to see and do, the Boston Duck tours take off from the Museum and their is a splash park and playground right around the corner.  The museum of science is a must see during any trip to Boston. So weather you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, friend or just a science lover head on over.  You will not be disappointed!

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