Thursday, February 9, 2012

Leftovers....more Valentine Fun!

 So I created a bunch of these hearts as you saw on the previous post.  I thought about making a few more banners for different locations but then I decided I had a better idea.  Although my little guy isn't 100% ready for this I figured I might as well create it now- A FUN MATCHING GAME.   I laminated a few matches that I had cut out to create a fun festive matching game!  He just liked holding the hearts. I didn't even try to see if he would match them! Note: This is more of a "next step" skill as the patterns can be harder to discriminate between because the colors are similar and typically matching is started by only having one difference -ie different colors but all the same shape or all the same color but different shapes, usually you don't throw patterns of similar colors in until later so if you kid is ready bring it on.  If not let them just have fun with the hearts and they just might surprise you!
 You could also throw one of each match on a file folder and throw velcro on the back of the rest to create a quick and fun file folder game for the car or church or just to keep all the pieces nice and close!

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