Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Patches

 At my house we LOVE Halloween! Plus, we love all the activities associated with October! In the Midwest, this especially means a trip to the PUMPKIN PATCH!! This year we were lucky enough to visit two different pumpkin patches.

The first pumpkin patch we ventured to was Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch in Assaria, KS. We went with my daughter's kindergarten class on a field trip, so we got in free. If you go with your family, be sure to look at their website for a coupon. I like this pumpkin patch because it has a TON of activities. Besides the pumpkin patch where you get to cut your own pumpkin, there is a three sided slide, play ground, mini corn maze, large corn maze, hay ride, animals and race track with some tricycles. At this pumpkin patch you pay to get in and pay for your pumpkins, but all the activities are free. It is a very fun place, but it is very much out of the way, several miles down a lot of dirt roads, so the ride there isn't very enjoyable. Besides the ride, I definitely recommend!

 The second pumpkin patch we went to was called Papa's Pumpkin Patch in Newton, KS. This pumpkin patch is also off of a dirt road, but only by about a mile, so it isn't too bad. This pumpkin patch is free to attend! You pay for your pumpkins, and there is a small fee (anywhere from .25 to $1.00) for a couple of the activities like a gourd gun, or pumpkin sling shot. At this place there was a large slide, animals to touch and some to just see, a large play area, a play area that is educational, hay rides and many pumpkin patches featuring tons of sizes from tiny pumpkins to HUGE ones! The price/pound of pumpkin was very good also, so we were pleasantly surprised to only pay $8 for the 21 pounds of pumpkin we bought!
There are many pumpkin patches in Kansas, and I'm sure they are all great, but with my own experience these are two I can recommend! None of my pictures really show case the pumpkin patches, my kids are just so cute I had to share! :)

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