Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Candy Corn Craft

 I have seen these cute candy corn yarn decorations before so this year I decided it was time to try making them! I had a weird experience while making them, it was easier than expected, yet harder than expected. Let me explain...

These little darlings, don't actually use any glue. The styrafoam acts as velcroe and holds the yarn well enough while you start wrapping the the multiple layers of yarn. When I was done with one color I would leave the end sticking up into the area of the next color so as I was wrapping the next color it would secure it. When I got to the top and was finished wrapping the white, I took the end and poked it into the top of the foam with a pencil.

I used the cheapest yarn I could find at Walmart, although I will say the orange wasn't that cheep. They didn't have a shade of orange that I liked in the cheapest brand, so I had to go a step up.

The foam cones I found at Jo-Ann's and I had a coupon. Good thing since they cost more than I thought they would.

This project took me about two hours to complete, mostly because I was watching television while I was doing it. As you can see in this picture if you are looking at the cone from above you can see the top is still green, I think I will paint the top of the cones white with some acrylic paint so it blends better.

You can really make as many as you want, or just one, I just tend to like odd numbers of different sizes. They are super cute! I can't decide if they will be a center piece of my table, or on my fireplace mantle. Suggestions anyone?

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