Monday, October 17, 2011

Makeover Time

No I did not get a makeover unless you count my recently re-surfacing maternity wardrobe and the borrowed items from my friends maternity wardrobe.  This here blog is getting a little makeover- meaning some serious changes!  You might have recently noticed a new author on the blog- Stefanie has delighted us with some cute halloween projects which I am very excited to try on my own!  She along with my friend Nicky will be posting on this blog.  As you may have noticed before Stefanies first post there was a little gap in posting.  Lots of things have changed in my life which have naturally changed this blog.  Ie. I am no longer working as a behavior analyst, I am expecting our second child (a sweet little lady) in February, we moved to Massachusetts and are currently in residence limbo- that said, although my creative juices have continued to flow they have flown in a different way and aren't always making there way onto this blog.  When I created this blog I planned on eventually adding more authors and this seemed like the perfect time.  Although my main purposes in creating this blog were to put teaching ideas for parents, teachers and caregivers, celebrate diversity and disabilties and share crafts and mommy ideas I have recently switched to doing a little more of the latter two since I am home more and trying to think of free and fun things to do with and for my little guy.  Although this blog will still maintain these original purposes I want it to basically be "The joyful lives of mommas"  I feel like we can help eachother by sharing ideas with eachother and what better way than starting off with 3 mommas living in 3 different states!  So here we are and what will we post about- pretty much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and we are PUMPED!  So here are our little signatures so you know who is posting and hopefully with our little state stamps we can relay information about fun things to do in the areas in which we live...because lets be honest we have all moved somewhere knew and haven't know where in the world to start so hopefully this can add a little light to the subject!!  So a little about us. 

 I (Marybeth) started this blog in honor of my grandparents who are always helping others- in hopes that this blog would reach out to many as well.  I am a mother of a 15 month old little guy and expecting a little lady in February.  I love thinking of creative ways to teach, simple crafts (mostly using wood and glue- sewing is not my forte) and always trying to discover ways to save money!  You can read a little more about me and the beginnings of this blog here.

Stefanie is my sister-in-law and as you can already see is as crafty as they come.  She lives in Kansas and is totally on the ball about everything and always up to speed with whats in and whats cute.  She is always re-doing things around her house and making all sorts of fabulous crafts.  She has a little almost 6 year old girl and 2.5 year old boy at home.  I will let her introduce herself as she goes but let me know just say I am so excited to blog with her.  She is also the owner of the purse place- check out her shop for some adorable treasures!
Nicky lives in Connecticut which is where we met.  Our little guys were 3 months apart and it was so much fun to have play dates with them.  She is a pro with cutting machines ie. the crickit was her first and her and her husband made some amazing things.  They have since upgraded and the machine they have is amazing- I will let her explain it since I don't know all the details but its magnificent- therefore Nicky is always making the most adorable paper items, cards, books, signs, you name it!  In addition she can whip out a sewing project like no ones business.   I am so excited for her crafty ideas to show up on this blog!  I am sure she will tell you more about herself as time goes on!

I am so excited for these ladies to be blogging with me.  They are great!  So keep checkin in because this blog is only going to get better!!

There will be other changes over time but lets just get this party started huh?

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