Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Matching Game!

I have become more of a digital scrapbooker, therefore my large scrapbooking supply has mostly been relaxing in a box, a few pieces being used as cards when I find the time to create them.  Well I decided to throw together some of my cute halloween paper and some die cut packs I had and create this Halloween Matching Game

I decided to go against the norm and use two different papers in order to make it a little easier for kids to play.  Therefore they choose one candy corn card and one spooky night card, thus narrowing down the choices a little more.

Not only is it adorable but it is so fun to play and a cinch to make.

A little added bonus is that you can piece the parts together to make a puzzle so its more like 2 games in one.  Seems like the perfect activity to keep the kids occupied when they ask you at 2pm if its time to go Trick or Treating yet!!
How I made it.
1. Cut the 12x12 paper into 6 equal pieces (I did this with 4 pages, 2 of each- a total of 24 cards)- You could put them all on the same paper of course!
2. Glue die-cuts to the backs one match on candy corn and one match on spooky- you could draw pictures or print out clip art if you didn't have die cuts or cut your own with your cutting machine!
3. I laminated it to make it nice and sturdy to keep year after year
4.  Then We played!

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  1. Cute idea! I've been slowly using my scrap booking supplies for other crafts as well.



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