Monday, March 21, 2011

World Down Syndrome Day!

Today being March (The third month) the 21st. 
It is World Down Syndrome Day
Isn't my sister Catie a dream!!

Trisomy 21 - having part or all of a third 21st chromosome.  And I love it!  Its another day in addition to the other 364 to celebrate Down Syndrome and my sweet sweet sister Catie.  Oh I love this lady.  She is by far one fo the funniest, sweetest, most loving and terrific people in the world!!!!!!  I feel so blessed to have her as my sister.  We have so many amazing memories together.  Not only was I blessed to have a sister so close in age but one that is so amazing and just perfect!  I always say that she took care of me spiritually- teaching me to have pure and perfect faith and how to love unconditionally among millions of other things and I that I was sent to take care of her physically- watch over her, protect her, stand up for her -ask my parents....sometimes I went a little overboard but I LOVE IT!!  She is incredible and although the word Down in Down syndrome solely has reference to the physician who first explained it.....there is nothing down about it!!!

Here she is lovin on my new baby.
She is such a great Aunt!

Celebrate the blessing that Down Syndrome is in your life today!!!


  1. I love, Catie! I think of her often and the fun we'd have at youth dances!!! She also really loved my husband, Greg. Please give her a huge hug for me!!

  2. Ohhh I miss Catie so much. And your whole family. Catie was always so sweet and so funny and I love her to death. Please give her a big big hug for me. She is definitely an inspiration :) - Jill (Burningham) Tracy

  3. o thanks for making me cry... I love catie she is and was the best part of stake active. I miss her, she taught me a lot she was a really good example ;0)

  4. We love Catie! I think she brings happiness and smiles to everyone she meets. Thanks for posting and making me smile today. All you Zeller peeps rock!

  5. I love Catie!!! What an amazing girl.

  6. I love You my sweet niece Catie! Catie always has religious advice for me. I always look forward to our conversations. What imagination!
    My sweet foster sister Alexi who would do anything you ask of her.Growing up she had no positive role models you would never no it.
    Then there is my friend Sheila Hernandez who come into my work, when I see her no matter how bad my day has been she puts a smile on my face. She greets me with a big Hi then a hug Sheila is also bilingual. That extra chromosome has just made them extra special people.



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