Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song Chart

So here is my-very well loved song chart-on so many levels.  As you can see the cards are bent, wrinkled and curled up but it was also "Well loved" in many other ways!!
 I used a few different shapes and colors and laminated different favorite songs on the back.  Then I had velcro on the back and had them all attached to a poster....the poster did not make the trip out east-but they easily stick to carpet and other soft fabrics.
My students would pick a card, flip it over and we would sing the song.
This was one of their favorite activities.
It was also nice to be able to test some of their skills by saying, choose a blue one or choose a diamond.
The other reason I like this setup is because it prevents you from singing the same song over and over and over again because its hard for them to find it!! hehe!
When its all over we can even use the cards to sort by shape and color!  Double Bonus!

*I pulled these out and  my little 8 month old and I sang the songs he would pick up.  He LOVED it.  So theres your proof that this is not just for school aged children!!

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  1. Marybeth! This is an awesome blog! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. I'm totally going to do this one for Emi. She'll love it!



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