Monday, March 14, 2011

Great St. Patricks Day Craft For anyone!

Ok so I don't feel like I come across too many great St. Patrick's Day crafts but I love this one.  I found it on one of my favorite blogs of all time.  Its one of my favorites and relates well to this site because of her advocacy for adoption (just like my grandparents who this blog is in honor of) in addition to her great ideas and posts... I consider it a must read!   I think this sweet project is perfect for a Special Education Classroom but also for you kids at home, preschool, kindergarten...whoever.  It is adorable!! I love love love it!
The little hands will make parents just eat these up!

(Photos by the r house)

And look at this cute finished product.

As a special education teacher I was always looking for simple projects that weren't too complex and didn't always require perfect fine motor skills but maybe some fine motor practice (cutting out the shamrocks!)  This was right up my alley.  Thanks Lindsey!

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