Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Art Week Day 6 and 7

Day 6 of Art Week we went to a Trash Museum. 
I love the above cute!!
It was pretty fun.  It may be unique to where we live but it showed how materials are recycled, had different displays to show what to recycle and how and had a "Temple of Trash."  There were a few fine art creations but the bottom line is it just made me more dedicated to recycle.  In fact I went home and got myself a whoppin $1.50 for some water bottles I had lying around!  It was a pretty good day.  Check out what cheap, unique museums are in your area.  This was very educational and a great cheap thing to do on a day off!

These are some items found in the "Temple of Trash"- I had to take a picture of the carebear Thermus.  Ah the good old days!

Anyone else remember the vintage Dorito bag?  Different Bag, same great taste!

Day 7 we ended our art week with a boom and went to church-yup it was Sunday and thats what we do around here on Sundays and we love it!  Please learn more about it here or here.

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