Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art Week Day 1

So my sister and I both had school off this week and so we decided to have an Art Week. She love sart and is a very excellent artist....I on the other hand am not the most talented in that department but I like to pretend and I like to look at art so we decided to spend a few days doing little outings and projects related to Art. Since we are having so much fun I thought I would share. For your information she is almost 16 so although these things can be done with younger children some might have to be modified but just as a point of reference thats where we stand.

Day 1

We went to the library to pick out books on drawing (thats her favorite thing to do so we decided to start there) She loves animals as well, you can probably tell by the book choices.
We figured this would give us lots to work with.  We shall see!

The library is such an excellent resource for EVERYTHING! There were so many books I wanted to get. I did sneak a few NON-ART books but I will have to tell you about that later..

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