Friday, April 15, 2011

Another behavior chart medium!

I did a little presentation last night and it was great!  Thanks any of you who are checking in here for the first time!  Welcome!  We had a great discussion and I will be sharing some tidbits in days to come. 
Also the new series I was talking about will be starting up soon so stay tuned!

This was one of the first behavior charts I made as a teacher!  It was nice because it is very concrete, sometimes even pictures as seen here are difficult for a student to understand what is going on.  This allowed for the child to see that as soon as all 3 "cups" were filled up he or she could get their reward.  This works well for younger children or children who function at a lower cognitive level.  Its made with a simple egg carton (reduce, reuse, recycle) and works great. 

For those who are new: Go here to see the basics of this type of behavior chart!  I know some of you last night asked about how to use them and here is some more detailed and important information to use!  Enjoy!

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