Monday, February 21, 2011

Wall Work Series 6

 Here is another friend of mine in the Wall Work Series.  This is a very fun shape sorting poster.  I put four basic shapes on the paper and found pictures of random objects of those four shapes.  
 This of course is another poster that helps with generalization.  Its important for a student to be able to identify shapes when they are very basic, all one color and clearly defined.  It is even more important for them to be able to recognize them in the environment.  What shape is a kite?  What shape is a ball? etc. 
On your own: This poster could be easily recreated with photographs or magazine pictures.  It could also be done just by walking around with pictures of the shapes in hand and identifying objects in the environment that are the same shape. 

My students enjoyed the colorful pictures attached to this poster and also enjoyed making the connection between easily identified shapes and things in their environment that have the same attribute. 

Enjoy....The Wall Work Series is quickly coming to a close....but maybe it will only be temporary.  I love them so much I just might have to create some more!!

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