Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Bingo and Memory

 So in honor of Valentine's Day.  Heres a little Bingo game I created for my students to play at a center during the week of Valentine's Day.  We had three different boards (so they couldn't all win at the same time).  It also allowed for them to have to find the pictures on their own-which was a little more difficult for some students than others. 
 I had all the pictures on individual cards so that I could show the picture to the students who needed a little extra help or whose goals involved matching.  If I had a more advanced group I would say the word and wait for them to find the picture.  Then I would show them the picture and ask if they found the right one!
I made two sets of the cards so that we could play a memory game if we wanted to.  They really enjoyed this as well plus I figured if I was going to go through all the effort to find the pictures in the first place I might as well use them for two different games.  Both games were good because it allowed the students to learn words they might be hearing around the Valentine's Day holiday.  It helped them build up their vocabulary and associate specific things with the holiday.    You might also notice that each child has all the pictures.  Bingo doesn't always work like that but since we weren't just playing for fun but to learn as well, I wanted each child to have all the words and need to find all the pictures.  After we were done we would take off the candy on each square one by one and repeat back the words that were paired with the pictures- a little extra review of the new words! Oh how I love making learning fun and so nicely disguised. 

Just a little fun and basic activity- I think I might be playing either memory or bingo tonight with my little family for valentine's day.  I figure I might as well.  Does it surprise anyone that today is one of those days when I miss being a classroom teacher!  Oh I loved holiday themed centers.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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