Thursday, February 17, 2011

Great Job Chart!

Jeni sent me this fantastic job chart she set up for her 5 year old.  She attached this explanation. "Sara is required to do the top 3 jobs (making her bed, clean up toys, and pick up dirty laundry) everyday and gets 10 cents for each job.  Then she can choose from the jobs below.  Some days I'll have her do 2-3 extra jobs, sometimes just 1.  It just depends on what we're doing that day.  Unloading the dishwasher is only 10 cents because she just does the silverware.  I liked the setting the table clipart because it shows clearly where everything is supposed to go.  There's a little story with it (The fork is a princess trapped in a tower and the prince or spoon has to fight the gaurd or knife and swim through the alligator pond to rescue her).  The last category is if I ask her to do a big job and she does it, or if she thinks of a big job herself and does it well.  This hangs on our fridge and she uses a marker to check off when she's done a job.  Then we erase the checks as I pay her the money for that day.  If we forget to pay her one day she just makes another check by the chore for the next day as she does them...then I know what I owe her by how many checks there are. "
I thought this chart was amazing! I love that her little girl has to take the responsibility of checking off the jobs she has done.  That is extra motivating to a lot of kids and helps them learn a little independence!  I love that it is all visual, which is perfect for a 5 year old!  I love that its just another opportunity to teach (money) while serving other purposes.  This chart is so colorful and positive!  I want one for myself! I also LOVE how she has a method to cover her in case she has a busy day and doesn't get around to paying Sara for her jobs.....I bet all Moms can relate to this!  I also love and what to restate what Jeni said about setting the table.  The picture serves the dual purpose of showing her what her job is and how to do it!  Thats great!!!  Its also nice that not only did she include the required jobs but gave her some options to do more and earn a little more money.  Nice work Jeni.  This is so cute!  I love this chart and will most likely be copying it in the future!!!

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  1. Why oh why didn't I have this web site when I was a young mom. The ideas are fantastic!! I keep checking and encouraging others too also!!



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