Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Art Week Day 4

Duck Tape Purses and Wallets

So on day four of our art week we created these very fun, easy and adorable duck tape purses and wallets.  We decided to use clear duck tape because we thought it would be a little bit fun and different.  We have seen colored duck tape items but we didn't really find any colors we cared for and thought it would be fun to go with clear and add our own accents. 

This is a little wallet sized item I made.  I added a little paper flower accent to spice things up.  I decided to use it to store bobby pins!

This little purse opens and closes with a little duck tape tie.  This is my sisters, I thought it was very cute and fun.  Its kindof a clutch shape- Small and Slick.

Try it Yourself:  This would be very easy to do with almost any child over 4 (With help of course)  its pretty easy to fix any mistakes without much notice, and very fun to do!  Plus its very cheap!

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