Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Honor

This blog has been a long time coming. 
 I always have big ideas and I usually start off strong and end very quickly. 
Heres to a change-doing a little bit better-making a difference.
After many requests and some pushes here it is. 
In honor of my incredible grandparents,
Matthew and Miriam 
I begin this blog. 
In hopes that I can touch even 1% the number of people that they touched,

that I can carry on the legacy they began that continues and will continue for decades to come.

These two dedicated their lives to improving the lives of others.  After having their first child they adopted 26 more children, all of whom came from less than mediocre homes and most of whom had physical, developmental or intellectual disabilities.  They opened their home to over 70 other children through their participation in foster care.  They were constantly adjusting their lives to make accomodations for these special children.   Their example and the example of others directed me down a career path that allowed me to do some of what they did.  I am so passionate about helping individuals with disabilities as were they.  They were compassionate and dedicated, humble and influential.  They were remarkable.  Those who knew them are forever changed. 

Through this blog I hope to:
Share my experiences
Spotlight successes
Foster relationships
Share Ideas
Provide Resources
Testify of the positive influence of incredible individuals.
Help others
Make someone smile.

All things that they did and do.

This blog can be a resource for anyone:
Someone struggling with a challenge
Family members of those with disabilities
Teachers of all kinds
Those who celebrate differences
Parents needing ideas for rainy days with their kids
Those who want to make a difference.

So grab a button and share the love.
As I continue my journey
Highheels to Sneakers 

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